Friday, October 31, 2008


There is something so funny to me about laughing at myself!!
What a Dork!!
Man I was pretty creative though. The story goes back a little further than this picture of me senior year....I was a "wrapped gift" in 8th grade too. My friends and I walked for miles(literally) to my friend nieghborhood. She lived by apartments and in my day that was HUGE! Now parents just bus their kids to nice neighborhoods. I get so sick of this. They are getting mini tootsie rolls from Mexico!!! Im so excited about that too!
Back to the story, we were so tired to walk back to my neighborhood, so my friend's mom drove us back. Nice Mommy. I didn't think about sitting in a box before. I had nothing but those darling red tights and a shirt on and I was not going to take off my box. There were BOYS with us! After a few tries, I "settled" in to the front seat on my knees wedged backwards for the what seemed to be a very long trip home.

P.S I have some mean "bow tying" skills if anyone wants to copy me! Ha Ha!

Enjoy the day and eat lots of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for me!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I was pleasently surprised

Ahhhh! Here is that little smile I always talk about. I gets me every time. Kindergarten has been the best thing that has happened for him. He loves it and he has a SUPER teacher. (she feels the same way about that smile too!) He is so happy he is a big kid now and boy am I happy years 3 & 4 are past with him.
H is so sweet and tender. He is building his confidence and that makes me happy. He started flag football this year with the neighborhood boys and really is loving it. The best part is he is listening and trying to do what is asked of him.
It is so fun to watch my kids grow and develop themselves. Thanks to advice from some wise friends. I am really trying to enjoy the stage of life that I am in. Sometimes that is not easy but, I try. I can't wait to see what life with three darling teenage boys will be like.
Wow, life with a preteen girl. So fun, so crazy, so emotional, but so awesome to see who O is becoming. She is so determined, focused and funny too.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Man I just cought up on posts and low and behold I got tagged. Thanks though. I think these are fun.


  1. I love to pick scabs and zits...Start out with the gross one I know!
  2. I have never gotten a speeding ticket
  3. I had the chicken pox when i was 9. My fever was 106 and i was hallucinating. I was hospitalized and given a spinal tap(OUCH) The Dr. thought I may have had pox on my brain.
  4. Althoug it took a while to admit....shhh! I actually like my minvan!
  5. People think I am calm. Im not so much and I really don't like that about me.
  6. I love having pictures taken, I even have some great ones. You wouldn't know it cause i have a HUGE problem with getting things framed.
  7. I absolutly love eating brussel sprouts. I have some growing in the garden right now.

I TAG... Nicole, Janalyn, Leigh, Marnee(come on this time), Holly, Jeannette, Sarah

I look forward to hearing strange things about you too! Love you all, Noelle

13 years of Wedded Bliss!

Ok, I know another anniversary post... This is why I decided to post about it. Steve and I were at his sisters wedding a few weeks ago and I thought it was neat to be in Utah in the temple the same month we got married 13 years ago. It was kind of a"renewing our vows" sort of thing. I listened intently to the officiator and made those promises again. So sorry, for the gaggy post.

Same famous stairs 13 years earlier!

Ill spare everyong from the long list of why I love my husband. I know why he is wonderful and I try to tell him often. I do love him with all of my heart and truly feel we are a great pair. I am thankful to his sister Amy for introducing us and I am thankful for the honorable man that he is. He makes me want to be a better person.

Monday, October 20, 2008

AT LAST Aunt Becca gets married!

Yea! We have been waiting for the right guy for our special Aunt Becca. (Not as long as she has!!) We are so happy for her and know she made the RIGHT choice.
My mom and I got to make all of the dresses for the wedding attendants. Man was it hard work. It was a combined effort to make 8 dresses and fit them to each girl. So here are a few of the dresses I so affectionatly named "THE DAMN DRESSES" It was a huge mental stress, but in the end I was happy (somewhat) with them.

Steve bought us plane tickets to fly to Utah this time. SOOOOO HAPPY! With the economy like it is, it wasn't too much more to do it this way. To say the least, the kids were elated. It was the first time for O & R and H couldn't remeber the time he got to fly. Here we were on the shuttle from the long term parking lot. You would have thought we were at Disneyland, they thought it was so fun!

Thank technology for Dora and the iphone! Hes was really quiet except when he yelled out "Swiper NO Swiping!!!"

My Neice Holly and the bigger girls watched all of the kids while we were in the temple. She got some great pictures. I have to say, I love it when someone else takes pictures for me. Its like Christmas when I look through them.

The Osborn Family

Rebecca was the most beautiful, classy bride I have ever seen. Chris is not bad either!

Well so much for coordinating ties for the wedding. These landed in the window sill at the reception. I was able to bribe the little boys with $1 if they would wear it for pictures.

Beautiful O. Aunt Becca and O have a special relationship. This was so much fun for her to see Rebecca's dream come true. She is a great friend and example to her and I am thankful for that.

What Beauty!....THE LEAVES, not necessarily the kids!!!

My heart aches for the fall. You can't help but want to move to Utah this time of year. No worries we aren't entertaining the idea! I miss the crisp air and changing leaves though. I do have to say, I love that the kids are getting older and they will stop for a QUICK moment for a picture.

So fun to see a growing boy still wanting to have fun. "Hey mom, lets do Leaf Angels." Gotta cherish those sweet moments these boys let out once in awhile.

So adorable. I want to pinch his cute cheeks

Yes, Liv your hair looks nice!! Love the preteen stuff!

This boy makes my heart happy. That smile melts my heart too!

Sometimes I am in awe at the wonderful gift Heavenly father has given me. Really! Its nice to have those thoughts occasionally cause most of the time life is CHAOTIC and well you know!!!