Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Again!

Well, I DO have an excuse! Actually a few...

  1. My cord to upload my pictures to the computer broke. ( I got a new camera YEA!)

  2. I spent all of November packing up our house and moving! (we already miss our old ward and nieghbors...we knew we would!)

  3. After a whirlwhind move after Thanksgiving, we set up house 1/2 mile north of where we were. Put up Christmas minus the outdoor lights,(much to Liv's dismay), shopped, and packed for a WHITE CHRISTMAS in UTAH.
  4. WE ARE HOME and excited to get settled (looking forward to "doing nothing")

Ive been busy! Im proud to say I pulled it with the help of so many friends and family, but mostly with Heavenly Fathers help. Wow, He can really sustain us if we ask Him to.

I only had a handful of meltdowns.

It was hard to see my kids adjust to the idea of moving...quickly! There will be more ahead I'm sure. But as my MIL says, LIFE IS FOR LEARNING. What more could a mom want for her kids & herself than opportunities to grow.

WARNING! Lots of post ahead