Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Again!

Well, I DO have an excuse! Actually a few...

  1. My cord to upload my pictures to the computer broke. ( I got a new camera YEA!)

  2. I spent all of November packing up our house and moving! (we already miss our old ward and nieghbors...we knew we would!)

  3. After a whirlwhind move after Thanksgiving, we set up house 1/2 mile north of where we were. Put up Christmas minus the outdoor lights,(much to Liv's dismay), shopped, and packed for a WHITE CHRISTMAS in UTAH.
  4. WE ARE HOME and excited to get settled (looking forward to "doing nothing")

Ive been busy! Im proud to say I pulled it with the help of so many friends and family, but mostly with Heavenly Fathers help. Wow, He can really sustain us if we ask Him to.

I only had a handful of meltdowns.

It was hard to see my kids adjust to the idea of moving...quickly! There will be more ahead I'm sure. But as my MIL says, LIFE IS FOR LEARNING. What more could a mom want for her kids & herself than opportunities to grow.

WARNING! Lots of post ahead

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Fabulous Boutique

Any one up for a little shopping?
and this is GOOD shopping too!
Why? You might ask...

Its great to support the art of making things from scratch. Plus, I'll be there selling my hand stamped jewelry and photo pendants.

Come and start your Holiday Shopping EARLY!
November 12-14
1458 N. Higley road
Find us in the former Decor Unique store in Gilbert
(SW corner of Higly and Baseline)

56 days left till Christmas

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

5th one down!
My heart is sad. Why do I love having my chickens as much as I do? Someone told me that chickens eat scorpions. Well... maybe they have to "big" to take on the nasty beasts. Mine was not. The troubling thing is...I let the baby girls out to feast on bugs, watched her get stung, squack like mad, & fling the thing as far as she could.
2 hours later she was dead!
She was Ryan's
He will be sad in the morning.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates on the Girls

After loosing 2 pullets to the heat, we decided to let them soak in Moose's pool. They don't love it but actually sit in it for a minute!
3 new chicks...Cuckoo Maran, Teddy Bear Americauna & Blue Lemondrop
Don't really have names, kinda over that... i guess.

Teddy Bear Americauna. Blue and Green Eggs.

Blue Lemon Drop Bantam
Still hoping she turns blue...

Cuckoo Maran...chocolate colored eggs

Our biggest & most calm, Georgie

My friend called Weezie sexy the other day! I guess she kinda is. All of the pullets LOVE my ring. They peck at it. They also peck at our toenail polish. Which reminds me, Ryan HAD to have his painted red the other day.
Ryan, " Mom paint my nails red"
Mom, "NO, Ryan, that's for girls"
Ryan, "But the chickens will think they are strawberries!"
So, I did!

I decided to let them "free range" all day long

Miss Sexy!

Whats Grosses than Gross?

What do you get when you have 1 daredevil of a boy, an attempted back flip & a diving board?
(BEWARE for the squeemish!)
First... I am SO thankful I was at the pool to comfort my boy & to make sure he didnt sink to the bottom of the pool!
Second... I am EVEN more thankful that this wasn't worse than it was, cause it coulda been!
Third...his hair is growing back!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pirates Cove

We got invited to a place called Pirates Cove this summer. After much speculation, there was NO way we could have even imagined what this place would be like.
It was amazing & super fun!
The owner of this 28 bedroom private "resort" hired the crew from
The Pirates of the Carribean" movie to create a similar feeling for his place. It had a super fast water slide which dumped into a lagoon. Steve is jumping from a "mast" that had 3 levels. All of my boys jumped from the 2ND tier! I on the other hand chickened out! Me? Miss cliff jumper...I truly disappointed!

We had competitions on who could swing the farthest, highest and so on. Much to my surprise, there were no injuries here.


I took the kids on a little "rainy day hike" above our casita.

This was the highlight for me...MOST defiantly! Chocolate ice cream on a sugar cone WHENEVER I wanted it. I made a deal with myself. I had to hike the stairs & there were SO many every time I wanted one. By the end of my trip my calves were sore form all of the ice cream trips!

I cant describe how fun this place was. The only thing better was the people that we were there with. It was a blast to play cards, visit, eat and enjoy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

R. I. P
Sherlette and Brooke were mauled to death recently
and we lost one more to the INSANE Arizona heat.
(still waiting to hear which one it was)
They were great little chicks
They will be missed

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To me, this is STRENGTH and HUMILITY and I really LOVE those qualities in Steve. I am so thankful for his life experiences that he uses to teach and enrich our children's lives. He is truly the BEST for me & us!
5 great dads
Steve, his brother David, my little brother, Ty
Barry, my Father-in-law (bottom left) and my Dad, Clark

This was one of our days activities. Still loving the chickens even though we got our first bribe from a neighbor for eggs or they'll turn us in to the big, awful HOA
(i'm hoping they were kidding)

Friday, June 12, 2009

That's what HE gets!

We got 9 baby chicks
I love it! I've wanted to have them for a long time now. I decided to stop waiting 'til "we sell our house." It seems that i've been living that way for long enough! (i guess i'll get to wallpapering my powder bath too!) I think it's funny to watch people's responses and reactions to the fact that I actually wanted them and it wasn't the kids begging for ANOTHER animal. After all who wouldn't want fresh eggs whenever you want them? I know you'll be knockin soon! Well, actually in September.

We, the whole fam damily including Moose, have but in blood, sweat & tears in the process of building our girls a coop! Much thanks to my very handsome and highly skilled hubby for the time and effort expended on my behalf. We had alot of fun working on it together! Even though it turned out nothing like the cute picture I got off the internet! Marriage & projects are full of compromise, that is if you want anything to get done!

Ryan & his girl "Sherlette"

Wishing I had kept the name that the breeder gave him! Rooster.

Hard work and determination at it's best! Note to self...stop forrowing the brow. You are going to pay for it when you need Botox and fillers in the near future!

Thats what HE gets!!!! Our little joke, but seriously. Maybe he should have considered letting me have another kid! Look what I got him into now!

3 of the cutest & best helpers!
They are having as much fun with the girls as I am. Each child has their own chick plus more for all the extra love(CHORES & LIFE LESSONS) a kid needs!

Brooke, Sherlette, and Gussie 1 week old

Liv & Julia a Welsummer. She will lay "chocolate" colored eggs!

Poor things. Subject to 3 boys & all the torture

The Brooder "home sweet home"

I am so glad that Moose thinks these are just friends to play with and not his next meal!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Good Cause

My friend Shawni Pothier co-authored this great book with her mom. Shawni has 5 kids & her mom has 9! They have given glimpses into living life in & out of the trenches of parenthood & how NOT to miss out on the important "little stuff".

I wanted to help share her message. She is an amazing person and mother. She has descovered that her youngest daughter, who graces the cover of the book, was born with a genetic disorder and will become blind in her youth. I hope you will be touched by her story and her efforts to give back to those who have done so much for others. Her book is on sale at Deseret Book and Barnes & Noble. She is donating part of her proceeds to the Foundation for the Blind. So if you need an idea for a Mother's Day gift...I think this is a great idea. I'm getting mine today!!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter eggs, bunnies, hunts etc. We really do focus on the true meaning. I just forgot to take a picture before church. Im soo mad at myself!

What a creative Easter Bunny! Color cooridnated baskets. How impressive

Slight advantage.

All of the Osborn Cousins

Growing up way too fast

Three Birthday Boys

All of the boys in our family have spring birthdays. Stay tuned for Owen's in May.
Lazy or efficient?
One post is all they get!!!
"Ryan , what kid of party do you want this year? A monster truck, pirate, Scooby,or bugs?"
"Um, Spongebob."
"NO way." Mind you he's 4
"Ugh, then a Doggy Party & I want to dress up."
This little "surprise" has brought our family so much joy and laughter. Ryan is one funny and outgoing boy. Our first! I can't believe he is 4 already. The first 2 years of his life were my hardest! No, not just because of him! We weren't planning on having him at that time in our lives. We were building a house and living in a rental. Life was upside down and we were the contractors for our house. SO EXAUSTED! I was so happy after the shock wore off! I wanted more kids, I needed Ryan. He is so imaginative, funny, loving, stubborn & "scuddles" like no other. I love that he sucks his two fingers and adores his "blue & brown & white blanky." I am so blessed to have such great boys.

Liv & I found these cute cupcakes in family Circle magazine. They were SO easy and we had tons of Easter candy for the "accessories"

Um, I don't think the blind fold was working.

I love the innocence of this age. All of these kids, except one, were born within 2 months of each other. They live to play & they really are cute together.
I can't wait to torture them with this picture when they are in high school.
The really funny this is, I saw 3 of them running the neighborhood that afternoon & they still had on the noses & collars. Guess the party was a hit!

Harrison -NINE-

I LOVE him. After all, he was my first boy. I got to experience a whole new side of parenting and loving with this kid. He was ALL boy from the start. Begging to be with his dad near the motorcycles and always digging in my live tree that I had in the house. What I really enjoyed was the different way a little boy loves and snuggles with his mom. Harry has a genuine kindness and deep soul. I can't wait to see what he experiences in life. He's in the middle of the family. One big sister, and two little brothers that are closer in age. Life hasn't always been easy for him. Trying to fit in and honestly causing a little ruckus. I don't blame him. Its hard to be the "ODD MAN OUT". Birthdays are magical(except Spring Break ones, cause you never get a party/gifts from friends.) With age comes responsibility and MATURITY! I see that with him lately and he has been so helpful and caring to his siblings. You know, the winks, like " I get it mom, isn't Ryan cute or I'll go along with that" I love his desire for me to say prayers with him & tuck him in every night. I am so thankful for him and can't wait to see the man he becomes.

35 and celebrating??? his water skiing accident anniversary of 21 years this spring. I don't mean celebrating like with the cake above, but its a time to reflect. Our views differ a bit cause frankly it sucks to not have a leg & I'm not the one who deals with that side of it every day. What I love about Steve is that this "accident" has shaped him into who he is today. He gained a testimony so strong and way earlier than most people. He leads his life differently than most too. It may not get him ahead in this life or earn the most money. He'll gain a far better reward later. I am so beyond thankful I got to be the one he fell in love with and married. My life is far better than I could ever imagined. Better than all the worldly things we desire.