Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am so excited!
I have had a smile as big as Texas on my face for days. 
Our family pictures turned out...and that is HUGE! I have been waiting for this for years. I love how they turned out. I love the setting, the color scheme and mostly my cute family.

I have been searching for a Christmas card that would look great with the non-holiday colors I chose for the photos. To my total surprise, I got an tip that Shutterfly had some great options. 
See here:

I LOVE that the website has an area for me to choose the size card I want as well as number of photos wanted on each card. The best part to me was the option to choose my card by color. Really a Christmas card with yellow and blue? What was I thinking?

Here are a few of my FAVORITES... 

You didn't really think I'd show you the one I choose?

I cant wait to order them!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missionary Mom


Lately I've been doing a lot of these! There are many options. Really, its fun to create it just the way you want.
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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Liv got her braces on this February. Although she was pretty "uncomfortable" she is doing well and I have to say not looking too bad either!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Check This Out

Whirly Bin
A place for paper & all your other notable needs.

Arent these cute?

Check out all of the designs HERE
My sister-in-law's sister-in-law just opened a great paperie shop online.
She has really unique & lovely taste.

If you would,
help spread the news about WHIRLYBIN and put a link on your blog.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Stand Up Basketball
January 2010

Last summer we were on vacation in Utah. We were eating at the
TRAINING TABLE. ring, ring.  A man stopped Steve on our way our & asked him if he played a little basketball. Well, I'm not surprised! He IS tall...dark & handsom. Oops, I got caried away. After a long conversation, they exchanged phone numbers and Steve was invited to play on this stand-up basketball team called AMP 1. The team is made up of amputees from all of the U.S.

He was a bit honored, excited & tenative. He didn't know what to expect.

Last week FREEDOM INNOVATIONS, a prosthetic company, flew him to Utah for the game & speaking engagments. It turned out to be a great expierence for him as well as the rest of the team. They recieved awesome media coverage. They were on the news in Utah & in the Deseret News.

We are hoping this is only the begining! The next game is in Mattituck, NY in March.  I hope I get to go with him...HE NEEDS THE SUPPORT all the way across the country & a companion in the BIG APPLE.

Don't you agree?

I am SO proud of Steve.

Always have been.

So much of what I love & admire about Steve has to do with that fateful accident that took place almost 22 years ago. He took what life gave him and has made the best of it.  If you know him, you know what I mean!

I love to watch him play. I must admit, I love to hear the whispers in the crowd about how is an inspiration to so many people or that he really is good at the game despite his "disability." I sit quietly with sweet satisfaction in my heart as I listen. I am thankful that I am the lucky girl that gets to walk out of the gym with him!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Todays Agenda

Today it is raining...AGAIN. Around here WE LOVE IT!
This is what I am going to do today...

and them I'm going to read HUNGER GAMES

(after I take a HOT shower & run Harrison's glasses over to the school)

Mr. Mustache...

I can't stop laughing.
This was so funny to me. LOVE the tape on the nose!
What would posses those little minds to come up with this idea is beyond me!
Is my brain really that uncreative, fried, tired & stretched to the max?

I love Owen's creativity. He is so artistic. I didn't get that talent, I'm jealous. Along with his talent he is FUNNY. He comes up with ideas or one-liners that I would NEVER think of!
I will find things around the house in odd places or some cool structure around something, as if to hide it from the other boys. I have to laugh cause I know who put it there. Owen is so gentle, kind and the one to give in to create peace. I know I have to watch that so he doesn't get "run over" but honestly, I quite enjoy it. I figured out the other day that Owen is so much like his dad, whom I am in total LOVE with. Its no wonder I am amazed by him & love to watch his little mind work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long Lost Luv

Shoulda never sold you.

Weston Clark Butler

Ty is such a doting dad! Its funny & amazing at the same time. Weston looks a lot like him with the Claro italian eyelashes. I can't wait to watch him grow. I can actually enjoy all of his phases with out the exhaust en. I think I am trying to talk myself into the "stage of life" that I am in!
My baby brother & his wife had their beautiful baby boy Weston in September 2009. On Grammy's birthday. I got to be at the hospital for a little while before he was born. Little stinker took his time & I had to leave to drive carpool! CC was amazing and all went well with his arrival.
This only makes me yearn for another baby a tiny bit....OK a lot!
They are so sweet & amazing.

Playing Catch-Up


I decided that this topic really deserves a post of its own...

I'm sure there will be more emotion to express in the future!

We were hoping for a great investment in building our house that would set us up real nice for the next one...then the ECONOMY changed that.

We made a BUSINESS decision.

It was hard, but felt we NEEDED to do it.

We knew we would miss being a part of such a great neighborhood. One that we felt loved and safe. Where the kids had oodles of friends with the same beliefs. Brunch in between conference sessions in the spring and fall. Next door neighbors with whom you could borrow an egg and not feel obligated to return cause they'd be over in a few days to borrow some sugar.

WE MISS IT. Not the house, for things are not what matter.

We hope to be back... real soon!

We really are enjoying the new house. It has a different feel and the boys tell me they like the new back yard a lot better than the old one. I know the chickens do too. More on them later. We are just a bit north from our old area but it feels so much quieter, separated. I kept the kids at their school, so they ride across McDowell (ugh!) & through the park or most often I take them cause we are LATE. So out of our routine!
Through all of the ups & downs we are CHOOSING to be happy. It's not hard. We are so blessed & have so many people that enrich our lives.
On to new adventures.
I'd still like to home school the kids, buy a motor home & travel the U.S.A
Liv won't let us!

Thanksgiving with the Osborn's

stuffing*cranberry whip cream grape salad*mashed potatoes & gravy*squash & kale gratin* relay races for all* cello/base performances at talent show* realizing Ryan has my fear/panic/sobs when up in front of an audience*Blake hitting Grandma in the face with a football*Amy*LOVE*

Lehi Crossing Stake Center Groundbreaking Ceremony
November 2009

I remember going to a groundbreaking ceremony when I was a little girl. I don't remember who spoke or what was said. I do remember thinking that I was a part of something important and felt the spirit. So when our stake announced that this was in the works, I knew I wanted to be there with my kids. Unfortunately, Steve couldn't attend, so I packed up the kids early at the crack of dawn and got there EARLY! We sat on the 4th row. We never do that either!

We have a great Stake President and he gave a talk that included a HUGE visual aid. He set a big power line pole in the center of the land and tied a ton of white strings from the top. The idea was that we all were a part of the history that was being created and that if we hold on and stay focused in life we will not be lead astray. It was a great idea that got all of the kids & teens attention.

While we sang the Hymn All is Well, there were a bunch of white doves released into the air. This brought me to tears because I was struggling with the emotion of moving from our home that we built and LOVED in this great stake. I wondered if should we find a place in the area to live in or move to Gilbert. The important message the Holy Ghost whispered to my heart was

that THIS IS THE PLACE FOR MY FAMILY TO BE. I was so grateful for the help and comfort that I received that day. Sweet and tender mercies!

Olivia was SACAJAWEA for a school project but wanted to be a CAVE WOMAN with her friends!

Why am I such a pushover? Maybe one day she'll realize and appreciate me, really!

I think my chicken fixation is transferring onto my kids! Harrison was the great WHITE CHICKEN with his friends Colton and Lewis. Owen & Ryan were thrilled to wear hand-me-downs-(so was I after making Liv 2 costumes!!!) Owen was The UNDERWEAR WEARING SKELETON & Ryan was the FABULOUS & OH SO POLITE WHOOPEE CUSHION.

Good times were had by all!



Ahhh... The work getting out of town is always worth it wen you can relax by the beach listening to the sound of the waves crashing into the shore. The kids entertain themselves looking for shells and living sea creatures, playing games and eating fresh homemade tortillas!

We had fun on Sunday during our beach cleanup, service project, no church justification day, too

RedCarpet*Celebrity Luscious Lips*Who's Who Guessing Game*GOLD cake*FAME*giggles*fun

Olivia's Hollywood Glamour 12th Birthday Party

Red carpet treatment!

Top Row: Glamorous Olivia, Diva Jadie, Sassy Sammy, Fashionable Carly, Stylish Sophie

Bottom Row: Lovely Lilly, Sophisticated Jordynn, Classy Kelsie, Luscious Lyric, Sporty Coco

Hermosa Vista Elementary School

Olivia 6th, Harrison 4th, Owen 1st & Ryan Pre-school

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello Again!

Well, I DO have an excuse! Actually a few...

  1. My cord to upload my pictures to the computer broke. ( I got a new camera YEA!)

  2. I spent all of November packing up our house and moving! (we already miss our old ward and nieghbors...we knew we would!)

  3. After a whirlwhind move after Thanksgiving, we set up house 1/2 mile north of where we were. Put up Christmas minus the outdoor lights,(much to Liv's dismay), shopped, and packed for a WHITE CHRISTMAS in UTAH.
  4. WE ARE HOME and excited to get settled (looking forward to "doing nothing")

Ive been busy! Im proud to say I pulled it with the help of so many friends and family, but mostly with Heavenly Fathers help. Wow, He can really sustain us if we ask Him to.

I only had a handful of meltdowns.

It was hard to see my kids adjust to the idea of moving...quickly! There will be more ahead I'm sure. But as my MIL says, LIFE IS FOR LEARNING. What more could a mom want for her kids & herself than opportunities to grow.

WARNING! Lots of post ahead

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Fabulous Boutique

Any one up for a little shopping?
and this is GOOD shopping too!
Why? You might ask...

Its great to support the art of making things from scratch. Plus, I'll be there selling my hand stamped jewelry and photo pendants.

Come and start your Holiday Shopping EARLY!
November 12-14
1458 N. Higley road
Find us in the former Decor Unique store in Gilbert
(SW corner of Higly and Baseline)

56 days left till Christmas

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

5th one down!
My heart is sad. Why do I love having my chickens as much as I do? Someone told me that chickens eat scorpions. Well... maybe they have to "big" to take on the nasty beasts. Mine was not. The troubling thing is...I let the baby girls out to feast on bugs, watched her get stung, squack like mad, & fling the thing as far as she could.
2 hours later she was dead!
She was Ryan's
He will be sad in the morning.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates on the Girls

After loosing 2 pullets to the heat, we decided to let them soak in Moose's pool. They don't love it but actually sit in it for a minute!
3 new chicks...Cuckoo Maran, Teddy Bear Americauna & Blue Lemondrop
Don't really have names, kinda over that... i guess.

Teddy Bear Americauna. Blue and Green Eggs.

Blue Lemon Drop Bantam
Still hoping she turns blue...

Cuckoo Maran...chocolate colored eggs

Our biggest & most calm, Georgie

My friend called Weezie sexy the other day! I guess she kinda is. All of the pullets LOVE my ring. They peck at it. They also peck at our toenail polish. Which reminds me, Ryan HAD to have his painted red the other day.
Ryan, " Mom paint my nails red"
Mom, "NO, Ryan, that's for girls"
Ryan, "But the chickens will think they are strawberries!"
So, I did!

I decided to let them "free range" all day long

Miss Sexy!

Whats Grosses than Gross?

What do you get when you have 1 daredevil of a boy, an attempted back flip & a diving board?
(BEWARE for the squeemish!)
First... I am SO thankful I was at the pool to comfort my boy & to make sure he didnt sink to the bottom of the pool!
Second... I am EVEN more thankful that this wasn't worse than it was, cause it coulda been!
Third...his hair is growing back!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pirates Cove

We got invited to a place called Pirates Cove this summer. After much speculation, there was NO way we could have even imagined what this place would be like.
It was amazing & super fun!
The owner of this 28 bedroom private "resort" hired the crew from
The Pirates of the Carribean" movie to create a similar feeling for his place. It had a super fast water slide which dumped into a lagoon. Steve is jumping from a "mast" that had 3 levels. All of my boys jumped from the 2ND tier! I on the other hand chickened out! Me? Miss cliff jumper...I truly disappointed!

We had competitions on who could swing the farthest, highest and so on. Much to my surprise, there were no injuries here.


I took the kids on a little "rainy day hike" above our casita.

This was the highlight for me...MOST defiantly! Chocolate ice cream on a sugar cone WHENEVER I wanted it. I made a deal with myself. I had to hike the stairs & there were SO many every time I wanted one. By the end of my trip my calves were sore form all of the ice cream trips!

I cant describe how fun this place was. The only thing better was the people that we were there with. It was a blast to play cards, visit, eat and enjoy.