Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Osborn Annual Palm Springs Golf Trip

Great memories of playing cards with my cousin Stephanie. Passing down the tradition for the next generation!


We LOVE the JW Marriott Sunday Brunch. Now that is happiness!

Lots of FUN, together time.
I do feel a bit guilty about taking the kids out of school for a WHOLE week the week before Spring Break. Most likely WON"T be doing that next year! Sorry Osborn's

SCUBA Getaway

Up, Up and Away... from kids and schedules! Just time to be with my favorite person in the world

I still don't have all the photos from the trip and I am tired of waiting!

Happens every time. He was nice and fed all the fish too. No 2nd dive for this one and even worse...no fresh pico de gallo, guacamole, quesadillas and Mexican Cokes!

He's gonna KILL me, good thing he doesn't know what I put on here!
Man isn't he amazing. The story is... No he doesn't normally wear a speedo but one of our friends was roped into a bet and then before we knew it, all the guys had to don one of these bad boys. They others made me erase ALL evidence that they slithered into the unthinkable! Funny thing is, I thought it was helarious and my Steve ROCKED the SPEEDO (So did the other two). He even wore it into the beachside resturant. We were all DYING with laughter watching people's eyes gaze at the One-legged guy in a speedo!

Next year, they have to be teensy tiny ones!

It's always an adventure on the back of Steve's bike. Even if its the slowest scoot of the group!
We decided to spice it up a bit and play "Sccoter Tag" this year. Man was that the BEST. That is until the cops blew their wistle at us 'cause we were causing trafic jams and near collisons on the main drag through town. For many that would be the end of it, but not for US! We didnt stop till we really did ALMOST crash and saw the poor tourist on another scooter eyes pop out of his head cause he thought he was going to eat the road. It was pretty fun and totally funny!

Thanks to our great & most righteous friends the Collins & Frosts for suggesting that we go to Sacrament meeting. It was a great expierence that I won't soon forget. It was humbling to see the people of the church in other parts of the world worship the same as I do.

I discovered 3 things.

  1. Flip flops and a casual attire would sometimes be nice. Esp. for the men.
  2. My boys NEED/WILL learn to play the piano! The only person who could BARELY play was an american who lived there. We sat behind the missionaries and I thought wouldn't it be nice if they could play for the ward they served in.
  3. Have you ever looked in the back of the Hymnal and practiced leading the music by using the little numbered diagrams? 2/4 & 4/4 time. Now I know why they put them in there. There was CLEARLY no musical talent in the ward. We are truly blessed here in America. So many opportunites!

Why is it that Sunday always has the BEST weather? Look at those shades of blue!
I was sad to leave., but excited to see the kids.


We had the great fortune of having Steve's grandma stay with us. This is one amazing woman. I couldn't even begin to explain her life & how she became the pillar that she is. We truly love her. I must toot her horn for her. She will be 90 this year. You would never guess it either. She doesn't look it of act like it. She was on a road trip with a girlfriend... at 90?

I made her a great HOT breakfast and fresh squeezed o.j. and tried to give her the royal treatment. She asked to help me. Selfishly, I wanted to hear her play the piano. So, I asked her to play for us and before I knew it the kids were gathered around her. It was a tender moment for me. If only the kids could have just a tiny idea of the greatness and legacy she has created.

Pinewood Derby

Man was Harrison excited when he got his pinewood derby car box. He spent too much time on the web searching for just the right desing. Army tank, hot rod, race car? Nope! Just a SWEET surfboard this time.

We learned a few lessons this year.

  1. Pre-cut cars are available on the web and worth their weight in gold!
  2. surfers are chill and so was the surfboard
  3. winning isn't everything
  4. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts NEVER disapoint
  5. Mom needs to take photography classes in all her spare time. see quality pics above!
  6. Father & Son time is priceless

Monday, March 30, 2009

It's good to be back!

OOh... I just love these boys & afterall it's just not fair that Harrison get to paint his Pinewood derby car and we don't have anything to paint! So...what does one mom who is trying to savor every minuite of this part of life do?

Naked and all!

One day I am gonna miss this! Thats what I've been told.

I was lying on the grass listening to the boys communicate/argue about where the paint should be positioned and what not when I noticed these cool clouds. A brief distraction from the SWEET noise I was listening to!

Walah! What a masterpiece. Every square had to be covered. Not sure whats up with the finger Ryan. Who taught you that?

Ahh... Its so nice to have a working computer again. For some reason, not naming any 4 particular names, our computer began making strangs noises and running very slow. Thus, the reason for the lack of posts!


I am so excited about these new photo pendants!
I have spent the last week imagining ALL of the possibilities! Now I just need to take the time to make some samples. I updated my jewelry blog.
You should check it out & pass it along to others. Id love that too!
The new stuff comes in antique gold & silver.