Monday, November 24, 2008

Its a bit late, but I wanted to post about the best birthday weekend ever! Our friends Steve and Rhonda and my Steve planned a little getaway for my 32nd birthday. We stayed in Rocky Point in their condo and played games, ate, relaxed, slept in, took long walks on the beach... you know all the things you don't enjoy as much when you have 4 little ones with needs! Oooh. I sound like I don't love my kids. I DO! Really, but it's nice to get a shower and a blowdry in without interuptions!
My birthday was a blast. Rhonda made it especially nice. (Funny how women now what other women will enjoy!) I got a birthday card every couple of hours. How thoughful! I didn't have to do anything for myself if I didn't wan't to! Although, that isn't in me... so we went out to Shell Beach in the jeep and totally got stuck. Rhonda and I had to climb a big hill and heave huge rocks down to the guys. Man what would they have done with out our muscles. Gathered some amazing shells and made "crafts" out of them!
Lucky for Harrison, it was sand dollar season. It was his only request that I bring him home one! We had a great time walking & cartwheeling down the beach hunting them. ( glad to know I can still conquer the cartwheel!)

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Movie!

Yea! Today was a great day. First, a great bunch of girls...all I am proud to say are my friends met up for a SWEET breakfast. Le Grande Orange makes me HAPPY! I love the vibe, the unusual trinkets available for purchase and the great food/treats. I decided to let Liv stay home from school and have a fun day with me. Man was she happy and willing to help around the house today!!!

After a very satisfying breakfast, we headed off the the theater. I had been anticipating this for awhile and couldn't wait to see if the cast would be anything like who'd I'd created each character to be in my mind or what Bella's room looked like or the Cullen's house. I was skeptical and about half way into the movie I decided to stop thinking about what was in my little head and enjoy the movie! Which I did! Of course the books are always better. The author has much more ability to capture the details, but it was fun to see it come alive on the big screen.

As for the cast...

Edward- Loved the hair! although a bit awkward in the beginning, I warmed up to his unusual handsomeness.

Bella- I thought she was a good fit, although cuter than the "homely" girl in the book.

Jacob- Not so good for me. Can't wait to see how he evolves into the BIG, (not so bad) wolf!

Carlisle- The worst casting ever. I imagined him to be the most handsome one of all! Bummer!!!!!

Esme- I had her looking like Elle the plus sized model. Funny and random I know!

Rosealie- Fine, she bugged, so I guess she did her job.

Alice- I liked her, but maybe that's cause she played a likable character. A little Pixie-ish!

Emmett- I liked his massive size. Good job on this one.

Jasper- Ughh! Weird, Awkward, Ewww!

I liked and was pleasantly surprised about Leaurent and Victoria.

I was just reading on Stephanie Meyers blog and I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself! I can't hit the right keys on my computer. Does anyone know this????? For fun, Stephanie was thinking in her head about Edward's perspective of the Twilight series. She started writing "her next project" called Midnight Sun. She gave it to a few trusted friends and one of them leaked it on the Internet. Read the link cause she decided to include the it on her site for us to read rather than find it and participate in the illegal betrayal. http://http// I haven't read it yet.
Steve just gave me some fat to chew!!! He thinks the leak wasn't on accident at all. It is a publicity stunt. Hmmm! Who knows, but from what I read, she sounds pretty hurt. Welcome to the world, Stephanie, Its pretty wicked out there.

I'm going now for a few reasons, one I'm sure you can guess, the others... I spent way too much time on this already ( the dirty floors are calling) and my sweet, kind and loving (jealous of Edward) husband will not not stop teasing me about all this. He just walked in the door and I am blogging away about Twilight with the soundtrack playing with my caffeine drink of choice ( the unmentionable!) Boy am I in trouble. He would like me to clear one thing up. He is NOT jealous of Edward! I know babe, its just a joke. You are my one and only Edward!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times! Halloween 2008

Our 60's Diva- Who was caught somewhere in between wanting to be a hippie and a go-go girl. I kept telling her the two had NOTHING in common. Sequins and peace signs don't mix. Man she was almost as tall as me. Now that is SCARY.

Ryan's got a gun! A very annoying one, that repeats...FIRE, FIRE! What was I thinking?

Boys will be boys! Anything dirty, scary, or gross! He was so cute and so excited I let him be a skeleton.

Oh, my Owen! This is soooo fitting for him. Not because to toots, fluffs, or wiftys (all my mom's terms that I grew up with. I HATE the word fart) but because he is such an out of the box thinker!