Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Mustache...

I can't stop laughing.
This was so funny to me. LOVE the tape on the nose!
What would posses those little minds to come up with this idea is beyond me!
Is my brain really that uncreative, fried, tired & stretched to the max?

I love Owen's creativity. He is so artistic. I didn't get that talent, I'm jealous. Along with his talent he is FUNNY. He comes up with ideas or one-liners that I would NEVER think of!
I will find things around the house in odd places or some cool structure around something, as if to hide it from the other boys. I have to laugh cause I know who put it there. Owen is so gentle, kind and the one to give in to create peace. I know I have to watch that so he doesn't get "run over" but honestly, I quite enjoy it. I figured out the other day that Owen is so much like his dad, whom I am in total LOVE with. Its no wonder I am amazed by him & love to watch his little mind work.

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