Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Was this image made for me?
I was visiting my cousin-in-law's blog and found this. I LOVE it! It's red, has a great message and a crown at the top! No, I don't think I am princess, I am the queen of the house. The BOSS, well we'll let the kids think that! (OUCH, it hurts to say it but Steve is really the BOSS) Really though, I may help me to,
  1. Help me not to get worked up about stuff
  2. Keep going when things get rough (esp, the cleanse & Acai diet from Dr. OZ I am about to start!)
  3. Remember my divine potential

I like this so much that I think I am going to frame it and put it my laundry room!

Anyone Feelin' The LUV???

This just makes me HAPPY!
I HEART Valentines Day and my decorations! I have a fixation with stained glass. I can't wait for the time when I have THE LUXURY to take a class. (That could be only 1 year away. Wahoo!) Anyway, Im sending my LOVE out to all of you. You make my life happy too.

Here are a few new designs for Valentines Day. I would LOVE it if you would pass my site along to anyone you know might like this stuff!