Monday, August 10, 2009

Updates on the Girls

After loosing 2 pullets to the heat, we decided to let them soak in Moose's pool. They don't love it but actually sit in it for a minute!
3 new chicks...Cuckoo Maran, Teddy Bear Americauna & Blue Lemondrop
Don't really have names, kinda over that... i guess.

Teddy Bear Americauna. Blue and Green Eggs.

Blue Lemon Drop Bantam
Still hoping she turns blue...

Cuckoo Maran...chocolate colored eggs

Our biggest & most calm, Georgie

My friend called Weezie sexy the other day! I guess she kinda is. All of the pullets LOVE my ring. They peck at it. They also peck at our toenail polish. Which reminds me, Ryan HAD to have his painted red the other day.
Ryan, " Mom paint my nails red"
Mom, "NO, Ryan, that's for girls"
Ryan, "But the chickens will think they are strawberries!"
So, I did!

I decided to let them "free range" all day long

Miss Sexy!


just the five of us said...

I was just talking to my friend, Kate at church, she also has chickens, cans her own meat, etc. (you 2 should be friends:) anyways they named their chickens Red and Black; but they are going to eat red, because after 3 years, chickens don't lay good eggs anymore:D go figure. (learn something new everyday)

Have a good day.

Jeanette said...

Will you ever think of strawberries the same again? That is so funny?

Janalyn said...

Oh my gosh Ryan is so dang cute! Glad you finally posted pics of the chickens!

Natalie and Chandler Stamm said...

hahaha your blog is one of my absolute favorites to read. I love that you painted his toenails, thats so funny. I think its so fun you guys have chickens.