Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To me, this is STRENGTH and HUMILITY and I really LOVE those qualities in Steve. I am so thankful for his life experiences that he uses to teach and enrich our children's lives. He is truly the BEST for me & us!
5 great dads
Steve, his brother David, my little brother, Ty
Barry, my Father-in-law (bottom left) and my Dad, Clark

This was one of our days activities. Still loving the chickens even though we got our first bribe from a neighbor for eggs or they'll turn us in to the big, awful HOA
(i'm hoping they were kidding)

Friday, June 12, 2009

That's what HE gets!

We got 9 baby chicks
I love it! I've wanted to have them for a long time now. I decided to stop waiting 'til "we sell our house." It seems that i've been living that way for long enough! (i guess i'll get to wallpapering my powder bath too!) I think it's funny to watch people's responses and reactions to the fact that I actually wanted them and it wasn't the kids begging for ANOTHER animal. After all who wouldn't want fresh eggs whenever you want them? I know you'll be knockin soon! Well, actually in September.

We, the whole fam damily including Moose, have but in blood, sweat & tears in the process of building our girls a coop! Much thanks to my very handsome and highly skilled hubby for the time and effort expended on my behalf. We had alot of fun working on it together! Even though it turned out nothing like the cute picture I got off the internet! Marriage & projects are full of compromise, that is if you want anything to get done!

Ryan & his girl "Sherlette"

Wishing I had kept the name that the breeder gave him! Rooster.

Hard work and determination at it's best! Note to self...stop forrowing the brow. You are going to pay for it when you need Botox and fillers in the near future!

Thats what HE gets!!!! Our little joke, but seriously. Maybe he should have considered letting me have another kid! Look what I got him into now!

3 of the cutest & best helpers!
They are having as much fun with the girls as I am. Each child has their own chick plus more for all the extra love(CHORES & LIFE LESSONS) a kid needs!

Brooke, Sherlette, and Gussie 1 week old

Liv & Julia a Welsummer. She will lay "chocolate" colored eggs!

Poor things. Subject to 3 boys & all the torture

The Brooder "home sweet home"

I am so glad that Moose thinks these are just friends to play with and not his next meal!