Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Good Cause

My friend Shawni Pothier co-authored this great book with her mom. Shawni has 5 kids & her mom has 9! They have given glimpses into living life in & out of the trenches of parenthood & how NOT to miss out on the important "little stuff".

I wanted to help share her message. She is an amazing person and mother. She has descovered that her youngest daughter, who graces the cover of the book, was born with a genetic disorder and will become blind in her youth. I hope you will be touched by her story and her efforts to give back to those who have done so much for others. Her book is on sale at Deseret Book and Barnes & Noble. She is donating part of her proceeds to the Foundation for the Blind. So if you need an idea for a Mother's Day gift...I think this is a great idea. I'm getting mine today!!!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter eggs, bunnies, hunts etc. We really do focus on the true meaning. I just forgot to take a picture before church. Im soo mad at myself!

What a creative Easter Bunny! Color cooridnated baskets. How impressive

Slight advantage.

All of the Osborn Cousins

Growing up way too fast

Three Birthday Boys

All of the boys in our family have spring birthdays. Stay tuned for Owen's in May.
Lazy or efficient?
One post is all they get!!!
"Ryan , what kid of party do you want this year? A monster truck, pirate, Scooby,or bugs?"
"Um, Spongebob."
"NO way." Mind you he's 4
"Ugh, then a Doggy Party & I want to dress up."
This little "surprise" has brought our family so much joy and laughter. Ryan is one funny and outgoing boy. Our first! I can't believe he is 4 already. The first 2 years of his life were my hardest! No, not just because of him! We weren't planning on having him at that time in our lives. We were building a house and living in a rental. Life was upside down and we were the contractors for our house. SO EXAUSTED! I was so happy after the shock wore off! I wanted more kids, I needed Ryan. He is so imaginative, funny, loving, stubborn & "scuddles" like no other. I love that he sucks his two fingers and adores his "blue & brown & white blanky." I am so blessed to have such great boys.

Liv & I found these cute cupcakes in family Circle magazine. They were SO easy and we had tons of Easter candy for the "accessories"

Um, I don't think the blind fold was working.

I love the innocence of this age. All of these kids, except one, were born within 2 months of each other. They live to play & they really are cute together.
I can't wait to torture them with this picture when they are in high school.
The really funny this is, I saw 3 of them running the neighborhood that afternoon & they still had on the noses & collars. Guess the party was a hit!

Harrison -NINE-

I LOVE him. After all, he was my first boy. I got to experience a whole new side of parenting and loving with this kid. He was ALL boy from the start. Begging to be with his dad near the motorcycles and always digging in my live tree that I had in the house. What I really enjoyed was the different way a little boy loves and snuggles with his mom. Harry has a genuine kindness and deep soul. I can't wait to see what he experiences in life. He's in the middle of the family. One big sister, and two little brothers that are closer in age. Life hasn't always been easy for him. Trying to fit in and honestly causing a little ruckus. I don't blame him. Its hard to be the "ODD MAN OUT". Birthdays are magical(except Spring Break ones, cause you never get a party/gifts from friends.) With age comes responsibility and MATURITY! I see that with him lately and he has been so helpful and caring to his siblings. You know, the winks, like " I get it mom, isn't Ryan cute or I'll go along with that" I love his desire for me to say prayers with him & tuck him in every night. I am so thankful for him and can't wait to see the man he becomes.

35 and celebrating??? his water skiing accident anniversary of 21 years this spring. I don't mean celebrating like with the cake above, but its a time to reflect. Our views differ a bit cause frankly it sucks to not have a leg & I'm not the one who deals with that side of it every day. What I love about Steve is that this "accident" has shaped him into who he is today. He gained a testimony so strong and way earlier than most people. He leads his life differently than most too. It may not get him ahead in this life or earn the most money. He'll gain a far better reward later. I am so beyond thankful I got to be the one he fell in love with and married. My life is far better than I could ever imagined. Better than all the worldly things we desire.

Friday, April 10, 2009

To Creat or not to Create?

Wow! don't you love it when you find something motivating and reassuring? I often wonder if all that I am trying to accomplish in this life is worth any value. Is it taking away from what will be important after this life? You know, we hear a lot lately. The caution to not get caught up in things that take away from family life or even more, miss out on each little mess, fingerprint on the wall, or the need to help our little ones open their applesauce...AGAIN.

I really enjoy creating. I crave it! It's such a part of me. So, will a desire & execution for painting a room, sewing a baby blanket or making jewelry help me or hurt me in the long run?

I know that keeping things in balance is obvious. So, when I found this clip it made my heart happy. I hope it makes yours happy too.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break...A Girls Trip!

So much for planning! After a few changes and much deliberation, Steve sent Olivia & I away to San Diego for a girls trip! Wow! You'd think I would be SO happy, but, I was actually sad to not spend the week with my boys.

I got over it FAST!

We had a blast. Liz, Holly, Hannah, Rebecca, Liv & I tore up the place! Ha ha. As much as 3 married Mormon ladies and 2 pre-teens could.

Here are some highlights

...slept in...ate wherever...LOVED the map feature on my iphone, it got us everywhere...BYU baseball-which means Stetson Banks aka. Holly's hubby...Ghiradeli ice cream...Panera Bread Co...not worring about little people misbehaving...SHOPPING at the carlsbad outlets...chillyweather ...late night laughs...goofing off...strawberry fields...Starbucks whole Grain, turkey bacon egg sandwiches...Getting followed by the Rugby team cause they thought our car was full of girls like Holly! So Fun!

Tension Breaker... had to be done!!!

How can something SO DUMB be SO FUN?

Nothing but LOVE ( just keep repeating it & then you'll believe it!)

My personal FAVE!
A BIG thanks to Steve for the great sacrifice he made for me & Liv. Props to him for managing the homefront with cleanliness and EASE. I LOVE YOU.