Friday, August 29, 2008

Major Boredom

Look how sweet those little hands are and that cute little face stamped all to heck cause hes so bored. You'd think his mom would stop and read the poor boy a book or something.He is so bored now that school has started. He asks everyday if preschool is sarting that day. He can't wait to go to Miss Nancys. (if only you could hear him say it with his lisp.)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parenting Gone Wrong!

Is this the picture of a potential kidnapper?

Before I not report me, for I'm sure you have done something that you thought was a good idea!

The story starts with Steve being out of town for 6 days. I was getting tired of being on my own and really tired of kids being disobedient. It told the kids I would take them to Dip n Dots for a treat. The two oldest lost the chance to go with us, so I took the little boys. On my way, I started to feel mean so I decided to go to Sonic and try Dip N Dots another day. On the way home Ryan was slamming a compartment closed and irritating me crud out of me. I told him to stop or I would make him get out and walk home. He didn't stop, so I turned the corner and had him get out of the car. I followed him ever so close.

A lady passed me and them slammed on her brakes, backed up and began yelling to Ryan, "Is she trying to kidnap you little boy?" I failed to mention that I was by the white trash apartments near my neighborhood. I calmly said to the lady, "Thanks for your concern, I'm his Mom & I'm just trying to discipline, Thank You" That was not good enough for her, she said she needed him to answer her. We'll he just wasn't going to talk to her through his 2 fingers that he was sucking on because she was scaring him to death!

Next thing I know, a big burly, tatooed guy comes walking over to us & that woman yells to him, "I think we need to call 911, this lady is following this little boy!"

Thank heavens for my neighbor Jim. He passed as all of this chaos happening in the middle of the street & stoppped to see what was going on. I was so mad, yet calm for I didn't want that lady to thinks I was nuts, that I couldn't remember Jim's name. I flagged him down and the "sweet" lady asked him if he knew me. He THANKFULLY testified in my behalf and the lady said "great that's all I needed!" and drove off. Ugh, I was so mad yet upset that I put us in jeopordy. My emotions went on a wild rollercoaster ride. I eventually laughed and called Steve and my dear friend that told me this worked like a charm on her kids.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A mother's nightmare

I had just given all the boys haircuts the day before when I heard the buzzers ''knawing" away at something. I ran to the bathroom and saw little Ryan standing there. His reply to my obvious question was "Cause I'm good at it!" Thank heavens he is not a girl or I wouldn't have been able to remain calm. Funny thing was, Steve was giving a talk in church on Mother's Day. It provided good material for the talk. I think this happened for a reason and I am glad that I actually didnt freak like I usually do.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Want a GOOD laugh?

Football camp and Camping in Heber, AZ

  1. Things we loved about Heber, AZ
    1. getting out of the 110 degree weather

2.Teaching the kids how to shoot a gun and loving the fact that we can. We had some good laughs and only a few near misses! Ha ha.

3. Being with Liz

4. Pulling into the deep, dark forest with noone around on the last night to camp. Panicking cause Steve pulled in so if we HAD to get out we'd have to back up the 30ft trailer. Which doesn't make for a quick getaway! Funny, cause I'm not normally like that. Come to find out he was a little freaked out too. Lighting a fire was the LAST thing Steve wanted to do, but was the MAIN purpose we moved to this camp site. Still freaked, cause the dogs were barking into the dark, so Steve grabbed his hand gun for safety. What a man. So glad we have the right.

5. Owen fell off the top bunk in the trailer and skinned his back so bad. Me being so tired from the no sleep the nights before so I took Tylenol PM. Too drowsy to properly care for him. Good thing Steve took over.

6. Peed in sleeping bags. First by Ryan, then a couple of hours later by Owen. Sweet, a trip to the local laundry mat.

7. Supporting the MVT football team. Dreaded Toro Hill pictured below.

8. Being so tired that a comment like "Geeze honey I can't believe you could finish your Red Onion burger" would actually offend me. Love ya honey.

9. Playing in the rain with the dogs and kids.

10. Hand washing dishes in the trailer. Thinking back on the times I'd wash dishes in Kamas at grandma and grandpa's house.

Gotta love Moose. Who could resist a kiss like that? Maggie kept a close eye on lunch... or the ball I can't tell! Just kidding. They aren't Pitbulls. They are just BIG, loving, adorable, not good for much sport American Bulldogs. Gag!

First Day of School Nerves

Oh I was anticipating this. The morning actually started out well. I guess its all my fault, isn't it always moms fault?

First day of school

Wahoo! Wahoo! Wahoo!
Happy First day of 2008-2009

What a cute All day kindergartner. I am so going to miss this little one.

Watch out ladies of the 3rd grade!

Well, its not the first day for Ryan, but if he had it his way he'd be in kidergarten with Owen. He was one sad boy till the big kids got home.
Liv is in 5th grade and has her first man teacher! Shes crossing her fingers he'll not be too mean! Turns out he's great and doesn't put up with DRAMA. That's awesome 'cause we hear it starts with a bang in 5th grade.

I love all of these kids with all of my heart. They are all so different and stretch me in so many ways. I am thankful for them and what I learn from them on a daily basis. Now get to class, ya'll.

Lake Powell-AGAIN with the Frosts

Surfing is so awesome. We have a blast and noone has blown out their knees. Its so much safer for the...less young! Steve has gotten great at filling the fat sacks up just right to make the wake huge.

My one legged wonder!
Did you say "hit it?"

Love those daily naps!

Miss Long Legs!

Oh, I love him. I know I should break him of this, but its so nice and helpful. He's obviously the youngest child. Just check out the rag of a blanky I let him carry around. The "sewer"in me won't let it last too long.

I know this is geting pitiful. 3 trips to Powell. We can't resist. We were going to stay in a friends houseboat, but when we got there it wasn't working and STUNK. The men worked thier magic and greatfully Steve knew the guy from renting at Antelope Marina in years past. We got a sweet 70ft rental for a great discount and off we went.

We had a relaxing trip although most eveyone was on a crazy diet. Great for me. I just started one myself. I actually lost weight, wich is a first on a Powell trip.
Hanging out with great friends is the BEST. We are so blessesd to have some good ones. I love going on trips with the Frost family. Most everyone has a friend. We played games and listened to Rhonda's infectious laugh. It does my heart good when I hear it.

Fabulous Forth of July

We had an Osborn family get together at Draper Park in Utah. The Fourth of July Celebration is so much better Utah. Time out for hitting a girl! I swear I'm trying.

Yea!!!! Rebecca is finally getting married to Chris. We are so excited for her. She and Chris will be married in October and then will move to Washington D.C. We can't wait to go visit them.

Wahoo!! To all the good sports in the bunch. It's nice to know we can still hop like the young ones. I almost peed my pants watching Liz fall to the ground.

Grandma Osborn is an amazing lady. She has been through so much in her life. I appreciate her example of love, patience, endurance, faith, thriftyness and kindness. I am glad to have her in our life. By the way, she is almost 90 and still works in Real Estate, plays the organ in the temple, and cares for the elderly. Ha Ha! Most would consider themselves elderly at her age.

Heaven on Earth...Otherwise known as Lake Powell

We seriously LOVE Lake Powell. Steve and I both grew up going to the lake with our families. We even got engaged at Lake Powell. It is so beautiful and the water is so clear. When I was little I thought that the suns rays reflecting into the eater made the lake look like an ice cube. I know wierd.

Wow, 3 cute boys! What is it going to be like in 8 years from now!!

One thing I remember about being on the boat was falling asleep to the rocking of the water. I also remeber waking up to a huge thump when we hit the wake. I would get so mad at my dad. Like he was trying on purpose!! The things you learn with age!

We were shocked when Owen said he wanted to try to wakeboard. What gumption! I called it in 3 tries. Man do I know my kids. ( I won!)

Gotta love it.

Well its not the beloved houseboat trip this year, but we made do because we weren't gonna skip it.

Does anyone have a righteous man that is hot, tall and NOT, I repeat, NOT screwed up? Liz is the most amazing woman around. She deserves the very best! I'm serious, let me know if you know anyone.

Have I got a fish tale to tell! We were docked at our rock, (we decided to bag the thorny sand this year) and the kids were swimming with goggles. Andy saw a ton of huge fish, so we pulled out the poles. It was a great opportunity for Harrison to get his fishing badge. H cast his line and right away he caught a catfish. He was so happy.
Next, it was Owen's turn. The very same thing happened to him. It was awesome, they had smiles from ear to ear.
I'm sure you can guess by this point how the story may go... Ryan cast his line and he caught a fish in the first minute too. He ran from his though.

Love Lake Powell lizards. Poor things get tortured in the process, missing tails and all. I convinced Ryan to let him go to be with his Mommy I felt so bad for the thing.