Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The grandkids hung out while the adults got to go to dinner ALONE. The little "elves" were hard at work and transformed our house into quite the party place. Surprise and Happy Birthday to our great dad. Take a look at that cake. Thanks Martha, and Janice for the inspiration. He loved it.
I was so excited I got to help plan my Dad's 70th birthday party. I had heard about the opportunity to take a flight in the fighter plane at Falcon Field. My dad is one of the most patriotic people I know and he loves history and planes. My heart was so full that day. Steve and my dad boarded the plane and everyones eyes filled with tears. It was amazing to hear the rumble of the engine and imagine what it might have been like to head off to war.


Well, Ryan wont sleep in his crib anymore. He always ends up in my room. Not having that! So, I decided to take down the crib. I had a little help from the kids and Moose, our dog. Liv was the photographer, having a blast with camera.
It was kinda sad for me. I know that there are no more babies for our family. I would like more but that would not be the best for the family as a whole. I would be even more NUTS. It is hard to get used to the fact that I am done with that part of my life. I loved having babies in our house as crazy as it got sometimes. They are happy memories and I have 4 wonderful kids. Kids Steve and I weren't sure we were going to be able to have. We have been blessed.
I decided to put Ryan in Owen's room and this was a great idea for Harrison. He gets to have his own room. He's excited. Progess has been slow, but I'll post pictures later.

Monday, July 21, 2008


After one year of trying to keep Millie's allery of grass under control, we have to find her a new home. This is so hard for all of us. Millie filled a void. She is so sweet, mellow, loving and fun. I poured a lot of time and effort in training her and treating her. Its so dissapointing that all I did wasn't enough to help her.
We asked my "little" brother Ty and his wife CC to keep her at their house in New River, AZ. They live in the desert, which means NO grass. She got so much better, so we brought her home. The next day she was back to her itchy, red self. Steve and I came to the hard realization that giving her a new home was the best option for her. I called my brother, Ty and asked if he knew of anyone who might want her. He said, that he and his wife already talked about keeping her. I cried and was so thankful to them for being so kind.

We miss her everyday. We have updated pictures as our desktop, I know pitiful, but we love her. Thanks again Ty, CC.


My first little boy is 8. Wow has time flown by. We had to wait 1 month after he turned 8 before he could get baptized so he was ready when it was finally time.
I asked Harrison who he would like to speak at the baptism and he said "Aunt Liz." She gave the best talk I have ever heard at a baptism. It was simple and easy for the little ones to understand but the Spirit was so strong that I know everyone was touched. She is a good aunt.
The baptism was so special and Heavenly Father's Spirit was so strong. Harrison had to be baptized twice because his toe came out of the water. Sounds familiar to my expierence. I know that Harrison made the right choice for his life that day. I am thankful that Steve is a good father to our kids. He provides everything we need, but most importantly, he is an honorable man who is worthy to give his family the blessings we truly need.


All the girl cousins love doing Miss Jennee's workshops. This year she decided to take them to perform at Disneyland. They worked hard and had alot of fun preparing for the performance.

Disneyland is so much fun. We have the best time. No fighting allowed and lots of treats ARE allowed!


Steve's : pineapple spears, churros, pecan rolls, carmel clusters...

Noelle's: Mint Julip, churros and Bangal's BBQ bacon wrapped asparagus

Liv's: pineapple spear, churro, frozen lemonade, & did I mention pineapple spear?

Harrison: churro, churro and ICEE

Owen: churro, cotton candy

Ryan: churro, cotton candy

Much to Grandpa and Grandma's pleasure we made a long overdue stop at Knott's Berry Farm.

The swinging boat is one of my favorite rides of all time. When I was little, my dad took me on it and I creid and cried. I was so mad and scared he was doing that to me. When the ride was over, I begged through my tears to go again. The same thing happened to my kids this year. Sweet revenge or parent's know best?

I dug out all of the old Mickey Ears for the trip. Awhile back, I was going through my box of childhood momentos and found my ears. How funny is that?


Oh, how exciting. Harrison's first Pinewood Derby. I am so proud of him (and Steve.) Harrison was out in the garage designing, cutting, sanding, sanding, sanding and painting that block of wood until he was happy with his masterpiece. Im so proud because Steve wasn't one of thoses dads that does it all so his kid could win. He actually taught Harrison how to use the tools and made it a project for him.

It was a night to remember. Harrison won one race! He had a good chance to learn how to be a good sport too!


Ryan ran most of the way!
School Spirit
Such satisfaction, crossing the finish line feels awesome!
Our elementry school held its first annual Fun Run Fundraiser. We had so much fun. The kids got T-shirts that a fellow student designed, replenished ourselves with FREE Jamba Juice and felt great satisfaction in completing a race. Can't wait till next year.


This is the year to spend with the Butlers, that's my family. We love to spend time with our siblings and cousins. It gets really hectic with all the chaos, loud voices and 7 dogs (if they are invited) , but thats our family and we love it. Im hoping the chaos level goes down as MY boys get older. We always look forward to yummy ham, scalloped potatos, grandma Tessa's WHITE rolls and homemade fudge eggs with our names on them. All courtesy of my mom! Thanks.

I love Easter morning pictures. Messy hair, jammies, and stinky breath.

The Easter Bunny is really smart. He hides the plastic eggs outside and the hardboiled ones inside!

I know that I may catch alot of flack for the way I dress my boys on Sunday, but its worth it. I love these shoes. They were Harrisons, (Owen would never wear them much to my sadness, )and now it's Ryans turn. I have a pair of Steve's famed in the boys room. There is just something so cute about little boy legs in knee sock and saddle shoes. Sorry, boys. I hope you don't hate me later.
The dreaded Easter Sunday picture didn't turn out so bad, not so great either. One thing I have decided is that I have to appreciate each of their quirks/issues/ages when I try for the PERFECT family picture. One day, Im told, I will cherish all of the chaos. We'll see!