Friday, March 28, 2008


I saw a necklace that I wanted on the internet but, it cost way too much. About $1,000 to be frank. So... like I always do, I said to myself "I can make that." Any way, I have had a lot of fun creating custom necklaces for ME and now other people too! To see more necklaces, click here.

Its funny, as I am creating I look at my hands and can see both of my parents. UH! No really, Its weird but it warms my heart as memories flood my mind. So maybe this is sort of a tribute to them, after all, they taught me a lot. I am so thankful for them and the life they gave me.

Photo Shoot for FREE!

My fabulous neighbor's daughter Amy was in town and offered to take my kids pictures for FREE! Are you kidding me? How did I get so lucky. Any way I love them and cant wait to hang them in the house. I did make her a couple of necklaces in return for her knidness.